Ultrasound of Kidney


Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that creates a moving image by the use of sound waves. This allows for visualization of the organs in the body.

Abdominal ultrasound helps us to evaluate the internal structures of many organs. The liver, spleen, kidney, and bladder are common ones. The intestinal walls are also visible. An enlarged or inflamed pancreas may also be detected. Ultrasound may be used for pregnancy checks prior to radiographic detection.

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. The thickness of cardiac walls, valves of the heart and the heart’s contractility are observed. These are important to help assess heart murmurs and
heart disease in dogs and cats.

Ultrasound of Heart

Mitral Valve

Jaffrey-Rindge Veterinary Hospital has an in-house ultrasound unit with probes for abdominal and cardiac evaluation. Your pet usually stays for the morning so we have adequate time for the procedure. Referrals to specialists in cardiology or internal medicine are also available and may be recommended for advance cases. Aspirates or biopsies are usually needed for a definite diagnosis.