Lyme Disease & Other Tick-borne Diseases

Ticks and the disease they carry continue to be a growing problem.

Lyme Disease:

Lyme disease is transmitted by the deer tick in New England. Signs include a fever, lethargy, lameness, and arthritis. Signs may not appear until several months after the tick was attached. There is a Lyme vaccine for dogs which we strongly recommend.


Anaplasmosis is transmitted by the deer tick and co-infection with Lyme disease is common. Signs of Anaplasmosis include fever, lethargy, lameness and arthritis. Bleeding from a decrease number of platelets is another symptom.


Ehrlichia is transmitted by the brown dog tick in New England. Bleeding from low platelets and  anemia may occur with infections. Fever, lethargy, lameness, arthritis, and swollen lymph nodes are other symptoms.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever:

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is transmitted by the American dog tick. Currently it is uncommon in New England, but experts believe this is changing. It is also a concern is you travel with your pets or adopt pets from other parts of the country.

Laboratory testing screens for tick-borne diseases, low platelets and anemia. All but Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are done in-house. We recommend a yearly screen which includes your dog’s heartworm test or if your pet has signs consistent with a tick-borne disease.