Kitten & Puppy Wellness Visits

New pets to the household should have a comprehensive physical examination. This helps to detect diseases that may be contagious to other animals. It may also detect congenital problems. Most kittens and puppies will have intestinal parasites, therefore a fecal parasite exam and giardia test are recommended. Puppies and kittens receive maternal antibodies in their mother’s colostrum but these diminish with time. Therefore, they need a series of vaccines to strengthen their own immune system’sĀ response to diseases.

Young kittens and puppies need proper nutrition and there are many choices available today. We are happy to help you make and informed choice. Proper training and socialization are also very important during this formative period.

We recommend a visit soon after your new pet arrives. We will check prior health care and make recommendations on future care. High quality and safe flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives should be started aroundĀ 8 weeks of age.

Your new puppy or kitten will have several visits over the next few months. Each time we will assess that they are growing and developing properly. Spaying or neutering is recommended after 6 months of age.